Peanut Butter Session

I’ve been love love loving to rock the hell out of my skin tone! So I obviously trended this outfit based on those tones with a pop of white in my Capri holeyy jeans! I love using white to accent any color I choose to wear. It just gives it that EXTRA POP! 💥💥💥 Starting from head to toe I kept it simple with my hair in a half up half down mini “pebbles” ponytail .. I bought a deep vneck crisscross peanut butter suede cami and tucked it into my white Capri holey jeans ✨ To top the outfit off I added a peanut butter maxi vest that also splits open in the back and some peanut butter gladiator pointy toe heels!! The accessories I added to this style were two white pearl bracelets and gold small hoop earrings alongside a two triangle gold ring! I feel like all of these items are super trendy at the moment and I would love to make more variations of this style.. Be sure to check out my Instagram @iambrookehall for more outfit of the day styles.

 Below are some photos of this outfit of the day! Please leave your input and comment below your favorite styling pieces for summer 16′ ☀️✨☀️✨❤️ Xoxo 😘😘😘

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