Pastels Are Life

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Hi babes.. I’m back again with another post about my pink pastel OOTD. I absolutely love how pastels compliment skin tones. I feel like whether you have fair skin, medium tones or are darker skinned a pastel will just compliment the tones in your skin. TRY IT, TRUST ME (: These colors are also beautiful for the spring/summer time weather and if you live in the heat they will not attract as much sunlight and make you all hot and sweaty. While living in the desert these things are super important to me. So to start i purchased a beautiful pink pastel two piece midi skirt and sleeveless top! OF course i had to throw in an all white cape jacket with a nice semi-midi length, and some beautiful all white lace up the ankles heels. I feel like heels that come up my “thick” ankles, help to reduce the thickness and pulls everything together. Details details details are everything. Lace up heels= details. I just love putting these pieces together with a simple glowing/fresh makeup look. Share with me below some of your favorite colors to pair together. I’ll answer back in the comments if you have any other questions. Stay tuned for more fashion posts/ootd/details. ❤

Brooke Xo


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